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Isla de Pascua
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The island is one of the main tourist destinations due to its natural beauty and its mysterious ancient culture of Rapa Nui ethnicity, whose most notable vestige corresponds to enormous statues known as moai. To preserve these characteristics, the government administered by CONAF the Rapa Nui National Park, while UNESCO declared this park and heritage site in 1995


Jeep, Scooter, vehicles according to the ways of the island, with traction, equipped with fire extinguisher, first aid kit and tools. (adults only)

Beautiful places waiting for you to treat yourself to the main tourist destinations in Easter Island riding a horse noble and calm.

Experience the magic of diving among the clearest waters in the world with an underwater fauna full of colors and underwater rocks that will impress by its volcanic formation.

Missed the show Dancing Ballet Rapanui Vai Te Mihi. Explore the various Polynesian and local styles through time with their stories and different costumes.  Contact us Do not miss it!