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Easter Island is of volcanic origin and is composed of three coalescing volcanoes. These three major volcanoes are: Terevaka, Poike and Rano Kau. The arrangement of these volcanoes and strong erosion that have suffered give the island its triangular shape. The Terevaka volcano dominates in terms of volume and surface. In prehistoric times the volcano Poike used to be an island apart until the lavas of Terevaka joined the main island. Apart from these three major volcanoes there are several smaller volcanoes and volcanic landforms like the crater of Rano Raraku, the cinder cone Puna Pau and several volcanic caves including lava tubes


Experience the magic of diving among the clearest waters in the world with an underwater fauna full of colors and underwater rocks that will impress by its volcanic formation.

Diving initiation $ 40,000 per person 80   Contact us

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